How does the Pathology Defaults feature work?

Preset values are grouped together according to specific disease states and lung mechanics. Each group forms one selection in the Pathology Defaults menu, which includes chronic obstructive lung disease, chronic restrictive lung disease, normal lung mechanics and obesity hypoventilation as menu items for selection.

Pathology Defaults

What are the advantages of using Pathology Defaults?

Based on commonly used clinical values, the Pathology Defaults feature adjusts the settings in the advanced menu to optimal values. These settings include trigger and cycle sensitivities and fall time. So, for example, if you select ST mode and select Pathology Defaults: 'Obstructive' lung mechanics, your default settings will reset themselves as follows:

  • IPAP 13 cm H2O
  • EPAP 5 cm H2O
  • Rise time 150 ms
  • Fall time 200 ms
  • Trigger sensitivity Medium
  • Cycle sensitivity High
  • Ti Min 0.3 sec
  • Ti Max 1.0 sec

This then allows medical staff to start the treatment quickly with safe and appropriate settings, focusing on fine-tuning the IPAP, EPAP and rise time as required.

Optimal values